Third Company Directors Forum

Last Friday, August 2nd, CENDIS participated in the Third Company Directors Forum “Ethics: Commitment to responsible Corporate citizenship”, organized by CentraRSE. 

Marie Claire Palacios, our Compliance Officer, presented all the efforts and work done by our company in terms of Ethics and Anti-Corruption, highlighting the importance of integrating corporate compliance management with the day to day of our business. 

Recalling our company´s journey in this matter, in 2008 we created our first Code of Ethics which reflects and captures our philosophy and general principles towards conflict of interests, bribes, and fraudulent practices. In 2016, our Compliance Department was created, with the aim of achieving a strict registry and control of legal and contractual obligations as well as to supervise the compliance of internal provisions and regulations; and in 2017 we implemented the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery – Anti-Corruption Policy and a Complaints Channel. 

Some of our company´s achievements to date in terms of internal practices to reinforce the business ethics & compliance policies are: special declaration of gifts, thorough expense control on meals and commercial promotions with customers and suppliers, Gift Card prohibition and absolute prohibition to grant gifts to Public Health Sector officers.

For CENDIS, it is important to meet the highest quality standards and build bonds of trust, transparency and excellent service focused on the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers. Therefore, our work does not end here, we will continue seeking constant improvement and ensuring that all our employees are trained, that our policies on this matter are constantly disseminated to customers and suppliers, and that our internal compliance management system will be certified.