AVENE launch event

Last Monday, February 24, the launch of AVENE took place. A French brand, focused on skincare, which is being incorporated into our portfolio.

The event was held at the La Reserva de Cayalá Club, a scientific dinner aimed at more than 60 dermatologist doctors. It was attended by Mr. Jean Charles Laden, Director of International Development of the Pierre Fabre laboratory, as well as important exhibitors who presented clinical studies and results of patients treated at the thermal station in France: Dr. Angélica Beirana, President of the Association Mexicana de Dermatología and Dr. Miriam Yat, President of the Guatemalan Academy of Dermatology.

Additionally, in the morning we had a panel discussion about the most relevant products of the line. A dermatologist, a brand representative, a makeup artist, who interacted with the guests participated. Attendees had the opportunity to try the products and then share their experiences on their social networks.

Pierre Fabre is a French laboratory founded in 1951, focused on the health and beauty of people. They have several brands that cover specialties from cancer care to daily skincare. On this occasion, we have created an alliance with them to bring the EAU THERMALE AVENE brand to Guatemala.

AVENE has products recommended by dermatologists, developed for sensitive skin looking for their protection.

From this month you can find these products in the pharmacies Meykos, Cruz Verde and Fayco.